The Testimony of Prophet Jesus

The Testimony of Prophet Jesus

As I opened my eyes, I found myself lying on a soft and sumptuous bed. Naimah was by my side, looking quite concerned.  As soon as she realized that I was awake, her face lit up. She involuntarily asked:

“Are you alright?”

“Where am I?” I asked.

“You are with me in my tent. Saleh brought you here unconscious.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s outside. I’ll call him in.”

Saleh stepped inside, saying salaam even before Naimah had finished her sentence. He had a smile of contentment on his face. I sat upright upon seeing him and said to him:

“What happened?”

“You fainted, my friend.”

“By God, it was the first time that I saw that aspect of my Lord. All my expectations about him turned out to be wrong. He is more magnificent then I could ever imagine. I regret every moment of my life that I spent without the appreciation of his magnificence.”

Saleh replied, “This is due to the difference of being or not being in his presence. God was behind a veil in the world. It was the first time today that God addressed the mankind in the absence of a veil. You were fortunate that you managed to discover the greatness of the Lord while he was still hidden from you and therefore, realised your humble position in front of him. That is why you are experiencing his special blessings today.”

“But why did he faint?” Naimah asked, interrupting our conversation.

“Actually we were standing over the left side of the throne, along with the criminals. At that moment, the angels started to descend and the accountability started. As the Almighty started his conversation he began in a state of wrath but this wrath was especially directed towards the people on the left side, which is why this effect was most noticeable for people on the left. But God is never overwhelmed by his attributes; that is why, even in his anger, he was aware that one of his beloved servants was present on the left side. He therefore, caused Abdullah to become unconscious. If he had not done that, Abdullah would have had to face the wrath and fury, which, the people of the left side were experiencing at that time.”

When I heard this, tears of gratitude started to flow spontaneously from my eyes. I got up from the bed and bowed down in prostration. The following words involuntarily started to come out of my mouth:

“My Lord! When have you ever ignored me? From my mother’s womb till today, none of your engagements have caused you to ignore me, and I? I have never valued your gracious existence. I have never thanked you enough for your blessings. I have never worshipped you the way you deserve to be worshipped. You are free from any flaw. You are exalted. All praise is for you and only you deserve all acknowledgements. Forgive me and take me under the shadow of your blessings. I will die if you do not forgive me, I will be ruined.”

I continued to recite this prayer for a long time. Naimah stroked my back gently with her hand and said:

“Please, get up. You have spent your entire life according to the will of God. I know you well.”

I stood up quietly and said to Naimah:

“You have not yet realised the extent of the blessings and greatness of God Naimah, otherwise you would have never said that.”

“Abdullah is right, Naimah” said Saleh. “Even the greatest deed by man is incomparable in front of the smallest blessing by God. If God had taken away the power of speech from Abdullah, he could not have spoken a single word. If he had taken away his hands, he could not have written a single line. All blessings and capabilities were on account of God. Man is insignificant۔ To God belongs everything.”

“You are right. I did not think about it in this way.” Naimah nodded in agreement.

“Where do we have go from here?” I inquired of Saleh.

“The accountability has started. You have to go there. But before that, there is some good news.”

“What’s that?”

“When the accountability started, God decided to question the nation of the last prophet first. And you know what, your daughter Leila got salvation in this process.”

“Really!” I shouted in shock and excitement.

“Yes, Saleh is correct,” said Naimah. “I have already met her. She is in the other tent along with her brothers and sisters. They are all waiting for you.”

“What about Jamshaid?” I asked Saleh.

A solemn silence answered my question.

“Then I would like to go back to the Plane of Judgment. Perhaps there may be a way out for him.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Saleh replied and then holding me by my hand, led me out of the tent.

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