Trials and Difficulties of This Life


Trials and Difficulties of This Life

notes from Sheikh Mukhtar’s class

And he divided them into two kinds, the
first being the trials we face when struggling to obey Allah, and the second
being the trials that are there in general.


So the challenge in the first one he says,
we should look at it like this: Life is not meant to be the way everyone
wants it to be.  We, by the grace of Allah, have been given this ability
to reason and consider the consequences of our actions.  Life is full
of difficulties especially for a mu’min, and as a mu’min we have to consider
these consequences of our actions.  He said it’s like a jar of honey
with a scorpion inside it spewing poison.  From the outside it looks
attractive and good, but it has certain bad consequences that we know of. 
And that in terms of akhira and in dunyaa knowing the consequences gives
you endurance and sabr, and if you do that, if you struggle to face this
challenge of ibadah to Allah, Allah will aid you.  InnaAllah ma’as
sabireen – indeed Allah is with those who have sabr.

The second type is the general trials of
this life, like pain, illnesses, suffering, depression, people that hurt
you, bad things that happen to you that are just, you know, the difficulties
that are inherent in life.  These are the things that make life ugly,
he said.  But life is meant to be this way, life is not meant to be
without problems.  And he said we shouldn’t look at it in terms of
if it hurts its bad, and if it brings pleasure its good.  We should
look at it as whether it aids me or hinders me from entering Jannah, and
that’s what’s good and bad.  But the way he explained this was so
beautiful.  I mean most of the time, when people talk about these
things, it’s someting negative and pessimestic, like yeah, this life is
nothing but difficulty and tribulation, and it just puts you in this depressed
state.  But Sheikh Mukhtar said, Life is good.  It’s good because
it helps us fulfill ubudiyyah to Allah.  Life is something good though
it has difficulties.  He also said that the problems and difficulties
in this world help us appreciate Jannah all the more.  It gives us
incentive to work for the Home of Ultimate Peace.  The life of this
world leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and a desire for a place that does
not have the difficulties and tribulations this one has, so it’s another
incentive to seek ibadah.  It’s a rahmaa from Allah, he says, that
we must work hard for it and it aids us in striving for something more
and better.  He said “Like a foreign country filled with terror, you
desire for home.”


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