How does human memory work?


How does human memory work?

Maybe, the most complex part in the human body is the brain which is responsible for remembering and retrieving information.  This is a grace from Allah Almighty that we should appreciate and take care of. You may consider the brain as a computer that needs caring for, maintenance, and required feed. 

There is an important issue namely we take into account the method of information storage, so that it can be easily retrieved.  If storage is associated with understanding, it will be more effective during retrieving.  Therefore, we have to understand what we have memorized from available explanations.

Also, considering the verses during memorization increases the effectiveness of storing and retrieving.  And if we know that the memory memorizes by linking information together, we need to link the verses by considering and broadening the understanding and our imagination.

For example, when I want to memorize Surah Joseph (pbuh), I must prepare myself. I need to know this story first and try to identify the wisdom of its presence in the Quran.  Why Allah had revealed it to His beloved Mohammed (pbuh).  What lessons that we can deduce from this story.  We have thus prepared the brain to work and store well just as we prepare a computer to be ready to work.

What is the correct way of reviewing what had been memorized before, how can we retrieve things we think we have forgotten?

We should know that the subconscious mind of man is a major boon bestowed by Allah on us.  However, provided that we use it in doing good and pleasing Allah Almighty.  We should know that all things we have memorized will be copied in this subconscious, and they will stay for very long periods.

So, we can conclude that caring and training of the subconscious mind continuously lead to take advantage of its memorization abilities, because the apparent mind is quickly oblivious. We can take advantage of the subconscious mind when trained how to contact it. The best times for that are at night before going to bed. So, Allah Almighty mentioned night after mentioning the “heavy message” denoting the Quran.  He said, “Soon shall We send down to thee a weighty Message. 6. Truly the rising by night is most potent for governing (the soul), and most suitable for (framing) the Word (of Prayer and Praise). [Al- Muzzammil: The Enshrouded One, Bundled Up: 5-6] Night is the perfect time for reflecting upon, thinking and establishing memorization.

Therefore, you should wake up even for an hour or half an hour at night and review what you have memorized from the Quran.  The result will be impressive and I can tell you dear reader that I have memorized Surahs and reviewed them in this way.  Years or months may have passed because of my preoccupation of miracle sciences. Then, I recalled these Surahs, I remembered them as if I memorized them yesterday!

There is a question about the endings of verses where they mix with other endings for many brothers who want to memorize the Quran.  What is the way to ensure not to confuse between these endings, namely, how can we identify an ending from the others?

The meaning of the verse ending should be joined to the meaning of the same verse. For example, in Allah’s Almighty saying, “As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power. 39. But if the thief repents after his crime, and amends his conduct, Allah turneth to him in forgiveness; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. 40. Knowest thou not that to Allah (alone) belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth? He punisheth whom He pleaseth, and He forgiveth whom He pleaseth: and Allah hath power over all things. [Al-Ma’ida: The Table: 38-40]

This is a holy text comprising of 3 verses, each verse has an ending different form the other, how can we assure that our memorization is correct and we do not err?  We should consider this holy text and consider each verse, what it means and we ask why the first verse ended with Allah saying, “and Allah is Exalted in power” and the second “for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful” and the third “and Allah hath power over all things” and how to differentiate between them?

  1. The first verse is talking about punishment of a thief “As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands” and so it is normal to end with the expression that denotes that Allah is exalted in power and greatness. Allah is capable of punishing whoever disobeys His command. He is wise and does not oppress anyone. Wisdom necessitates cutting off the thief’s hand, and not what Islam’s enemies claim that our religion is a religion of violence. So, because this verse was talking about theft and its punishment, it was necessary to end by Allah’s Almighty saying “and Allah is Exalted in power”
  2. The second verse talks about repentance from these sins “But if the thief repents after his crime, and amends his conduct, Allah turneth to him in forgiveness;” Whoever repents from theft and reconditions, Allah will forgive and bless him. So, the verse ended with Allah’s almighty saying “for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful” Consider with me the wording of the verse that validated Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.
  3. In the third verse, we find a speech about Allah sovereignty and capability of torturing “Knowest thou not that to Allah (alone) belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth? He punisheth whom He pleaseth, and He forgiveth whom He pleaseth:”  So, it was necessary to end this verse with the saying “and Allah hath power over all things”.

4.       So, I can tell you brother reader that little consideration saves you a lot of time and you will gain impressive results regarding memorization the Book of Allah Almighty. 

Now days we as Muslims have to spread the voice to learn quran online and so we could gain the true knowledge and the quran teaching that is give to us by our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and do quran reading. Do we as Muslim ask our self that why we are at the peak of destruction? The answer will be simple that we have left our roots the holy quran we should guide promote Islam from in our homes first and let learn our kids quran  and encourage them in doing quran memorization this should be our first goal for it we can do different stuff like let then participate in different online quran recitation competition to let them listen quran from different online quran reciters and along with it we elders should learn quran also and improve our knowledge of quran and Islam and learn holy quran tafseer because to understand and learn quran Arabic and for this now a days there are many online quran tutor available who teach tajweed quran and its translation and tafseer so let us join our hands to be the voice of Islam and let improve the image of it as well and full fill our duty


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